Wulfholt debut at Bond's 007 Rock Bar in downtown San Antonio.

Yes folks, you heard that right! Wulfholt has arrived! The San Antonio music scene has been buzzing; talking about the plans for a new progressive heavy metal band.

I made sure to get my lazy rear end off the couch and go check them out.
On February 21, 2014 Wulfholt and their fans congregated at Bond's 007 Rock Bar in downtown San Antonio, Texas. The bill was featuring Wulfholt (formally Shadowgate), Wings Of Abaddon, Aeternal Requiem and Hogbitch .

As always the order that the bands take the stage was determined by some good natured negotions.

  1. Aeternal Requiem
  2. Wings Of Abaddon
  3. Wulfholt
  4. Hogbitch

I did take some videos with my cell phone. The sound is not nice but you will be able to get and idea of how the show looked.

Go see them! Buy a shirt! I did!

Douglas J. Rasor

March 8, 2014

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