BOXCAR SATAN had a CD release party at Tacoland.

Yes folks, you heard that right! BOXCAR SATAN has released a new CD titled “upstanding and indigent”. On November 7, 2003 the band and their fans congregated at a legendary rock and roll bar called Tacoland in San Antonio, Texas. The bill was headlined by BOXCAR SATAN and also included sets by OH, BEAST and The Bontempi Brothers.

BOXCAR SATAN plays rock and roll that defies definition or description, but I will try. To me they sound like rock blues on steroids, fast and loud! It is recommended that you see them live when you can and if you can't then buy their music on CD. After having the pleasure of seeing these guys perform several times I can say that they always supply a high energy good time rock and roll show. When you see them do go up and say hello as they are all very nice and friendly musicians. No stuck up big heads in this group! According to the CD liner notes BOXCAR SATAN consist of Sanford Allen BOXCAR SATAN Sanford Allen on guitar and vocals, Patrick Sane BOXCAR SATAN Patrick Sane on bass and vocals, and Ken Robinson (sorry that we did not get a good picture of Ken) on drums and metal percussion. You can go to the BOXCAR SATAN web site to see a picture of Ken Robinson!

The Bontempi Brothers Richard The Bontempi Brothers have been resurrected after taking a nineteen year hiatus and I was lucky enough to attend their first reunion performance in Austin several weeks ago. Well on this night they blew away the audience by playing the songs they wrote two decades ago, I loved it! Richard informed me that they were hoping to start recording on Monday and I am looking forward to hearing what these guys lay down. The Bontempi Brothers are based in Austin, Texas so look to see them play in venues in that region.

And as always a great big “shout out” to all the BHS-Forumites that are so much fun to meet and greet!

Douglas J. Rasor

November 10, 2003

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