How well do you know your enemies?

Most of the people in the world are prejudiced! Now I am not talking about the most obvious prejudice against races or a class. No, prejudice goes much deeper than that and is born from laziness! Of course you are not prejudiced, or are you? You may be surprised to find that you are after reading this article.

What is prejudice? Simply put it is making a judgment about something that you know very little about! Prejudice can manifest itself with an attitude of contempt prior to investigation. When we were children a little prejudice was allowed, as in not liking a vegetable without ever eating one. Most of the world carries this attitude into adulthood because we are lazy. We are too lazy to investigate the things that we speak against. It may be easier to just say the words that others have told us in ten second sound bites. To see that in action just watch any politician responding to a question, the politician does not say anything with real meaning but the lazy people are happy with a few feel good key words.

What does this have to do with knowing your enemies? If you do not take the time to study your enemies techniques how can you possibly defeat them? Do you really know what your enemy is, or do you just let others do your thinking for you? Experience has taught me that most advocates don't know much about what they are for and knew even less about what they are against.

ABubbaNation will expose how politicians and social groups try to exploit your prejudice to control you and take away your personal freedoms! Please come back often for straight talk on this subject with resources to do your own research. Don't be lazy! Don't be prejudiced!

Douglas J. Rasor

November 5, 2003

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