Late term abortion? My modest proposal!

Well fine readers, I have been giving some thought to the subject of late term abortions! This subject is a very hot topic and covers a lot of areas of influence including legal, governmental, religious and social influences. I will leave those different areas to their own coverage in other articles. This article will only cover my own belief on this subject, and of course you should believe the same as I do. This topic is loaded with controversial words like fetus, baby, life and others that I will do my best to avoid here. I don't want the readers (or the writer) going of on a tangent!

First of all let me define what I understand people mean by a late term abortion. Simply put a late term abortion is when a host biomass goes to a medical practitioner and request the removal of another biomass and at the same time the medical practitioner will modify the secondary biomass's brain stem functionality so that growth and maintenance is no longer possible. Sometimes the host biomass and the secondary biomass have already commenced the separation process and the medical practitioner must support the secondary biomass so the growth and maintenance center still resides somewhat within the host biomass and the functionality center is rendered inoperative using sharp devices and suctioning equipment. Thank goodness for modern medical science and practitioners. Whew, almost used one of those controversial words there!

Well, the above mentioned process seems simple enough! Where is the controversy in it? Let us use our brains here for something besides growth and maintenance functionality! We are only talking about percentages of success of continuing growth and maintenance of the biomass here. I am not a medical practitioner so can not speak in exact percentages on this subject but will make some vague general statements. A very high percentage of secondary biomasses never achieve growth and maintenance functions at all and are separated from the host biomass without anybody at all even knowing it happened. That is natures way! A high percentage of secondary biomasses do achieve growth and maintenance functions for a short time but are then spontaneously separated from the host biomass. Normally in this case the host biomass knows something has happened but does not know why it happened. This may be natures way or could be caused by environmental issues like pollution and global warming! A lower percentage of secondary biomasses cease the growth and maintenance functionality during the process of separating from the host biomass. These situations are sometimes quite traumatic times for the host biomass!

After the secondary biomass has separated from the host biomass it becomes a primary biomass. These biomasses can achieve continuing growth and maintenance functionality for some period of time. I can not even begin to try to talk about any percentages on this! The only thing I can say for sure is that at sometime each and every biomass will cease growth and maintenance functionality! This is so important that it bears repeating. EACH AND EVERY BIOMASS WILL CEASE GROWTH AND MAINTENANCE FUNCTIONALITY! Please let me know if you think I am wrong on this but I think I am correct.

So as you can see all biomass growth and maintenance functionality is an uncertain process and last for an uncertain amount of time. Let's free our highly esteemed medical practitioners to perform their duties without worry and without judging them. We are only talking about percentages of success here biomasses, and who is to decide where we split the percentages. After all it is only a biomass!

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