Why can't the trains stay on the railroad tracks?

railroad_crossing (2K) As I write this article a train is going by my house. My San Antonio Texas neighborhood called Beacon Hill has a railroad track two blocks to the west of my house and another railroad track three blocks to the east of my house. 2004 was a dismal year for railroad safety in San Antonio and the surrounding areas with many trains being derailed. For the purpose of this article we will only discuss the derailment problem as this should be completely under the control of the railroad companies. There will not be any discussion of collisions with automobiles as this can be caused by problems that are not entirely in the railroad's control.

Is there really a problem with trains running off the railroad track?

There were many incidents of trains being derailed and falling off the railroad tracks in and around the San Antonio Texas area during the year of 2004. These accidents resulted in injuries, deaths and the spilling of hazardous toxic materials into the environment! Here is a list of just some of the times that a train jumped off the railroad tracks. This list is not complete or exhaustive and does not contain any wrecks with roadway vehicles as those could be blamed on the automobile drivers or unsafe crossings.

There is a problem! I went and walked the two tracks that border my Beacon Hills neighborhood for six blocks from the streets of Summit and Woodlawn. Now I do not claim to know much about railroad tracks but what I saw certainly looks bad to the common man's eye. To be honest the track to the east side of the neighborhood looked to be under maintenance.
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08-Feb-2005 01:36 PM

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