Is this why the trains can't stay on the railroad tracks?

First let me start with a disclaimer! I used www.mapquest.com to identify this section of railroad track as being a Union Pacific track, if that is not correct please let me know. This section of railroad track is in San Antonio Texas and is between the Blanco and San Pedro roads and ran from Woodlawn to Summit. After walking about three blocks taking pictures I had over one hundred examples of poor maintenance and stopped taking the pictures. Some of the cropped images are on this page and if you click on the thumbnail you will see the full size picture that is not cropped.

Should railroad tracks have spikes that are loose or missing?

railroad_spike_connector_tn0321 (4K) I don't know anything about railroad tracks, but it seems to me that the spikes should be hammered down. It also seems that there may be a shortage of spikes as a lot of the connectors looked like there used to be a spike in some of the holes! railroad_track_loose_missing_spikes_tn314 (5K) railroad_track_loose_spike_cu_tn0318 (4K) railroad_track_loose_spike_tn0326 (3K) railroad_track_loose_spikes_tn0309 (3K) railroad_track_loose_spikes_tn0317 (2K) railroad_track_missing_spike_tn0327 (2K) railroad_track_missing_spikes_tn0306 (4K) railroad_track_spike_connector_tn0323 (3K)

How about shifted base plates and rotting timbers? Is that safe?

railroad_track_no_spike_shifted_support_tn0355 (2K) Again I don't know anything about railroad tracks, but it seems that the base plates that hold the rail to the timbers should in fact be on the timber. Also some of the timbers looked rotten and split! railroad_track_plate_off_tn0333 (4K) railroad_track_timber_bad_tn0356 (4K) railroad_track_timber_broke_tn0354 (5K) railroad_track_timber_tn0335 (4K) railroad_track_timber_tn0337 (6K) railroad_track_timbers_tn0357 (10K)
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